I have always been a huge fan of microneedling as I really find that it helps not only tighten my skin but helps me to diminish the pesky sun spots and pigmentation marks I have on my face from an earlier battle with Acne in my teenage years.

That said, I stumbled on Instagram on the Vivace Microneedling treatment that I was eager to try! WHY? The Vivace RD Microneedling experience is a NEW generation of microneeding that combines microneedling and radiofrequency energy together with a specialised treatment serum and cooling peptide mask to provide your skin with SUPERIOR, NATURAL looking results.

That said, you can see why I was so eager to try it.


“I’m super delighted with the results.”


After extensive research I came across Laser Skin Medical in Harley Street, and I just had to give them a try! Not only have I been to Silvia previously for my Hydrafacial treatment that I really enjoyed, but she is ultimately super knowledgeble in skincare and I felt comfortable in trying this new treatment with her.

The treatment lasted around 45 minutes and despite what it may look like in videos, I had minimal pain during the treatment . Silvia did put a numbing cream on before the treatment as I do have sensitive skin but I felt very comfortable during the treatment.

The main goal from me for the treatment, like I said was to help get rid of the dark pigmentation marks as well as of course as I am getting older, help as a preventative method to ageing. It is stated that the Vivace Microneedling treatment helps to build and accelerate collagen and elastin for the next 6 months.

Now that’s IMPRESSIVE!

On top of that, Vivace Microneedling also helps:

  • Alleviate wrinkles & fine lines
  • Tightens skin
  • Minimalise pore size
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Is great for the face ad body

That said, I am SUPER delighted with the results and I can see a markable difference in my skin already. Not only is my skin more tighter after the treatment but the skin texture has vastly improved and the pigmentation- especially around my chin – I can honesty say has had a 70% decrease in colour!

I am looking forward to my next treatment, Thank you Silvia!

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